Elusive Oboro Muramasa

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A few weeks ago, we trekked around town trying to find a copy of Oboro Muramasa and completely failed. “Japanese games (that are not Mario or Link) don’t do well” was a reason one employee at a games store gave us. We ended up getting it online where there were still some in stock left.

So, the game’s good. Tutorials take you through the basic moves, but even without it seasoned gamers shouldn’t have a problem. Characters talk in Japanese and subtitles are available… except more information is being given in Japanese than in the English subtitle. The game’s still playable but you’ll be missing out on some aspects of the story. It’s not as if the subtitle was scrolling so damn fast they couldn’t fit more info in.

Talking of Japonesque games, here are the screenshots from Zombie in Wonderland available from 16th March on WiiWare (800points). Made by a small Spanish company, it features fairy tale characters like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Snow White and Momotaro (Japanese story) toting guns and blasting zombies left right and centre.

The game’s part of a series called World Game Parade, and they hope to introduce Japanese gamers to games made overseas that even they couldn’t fail to like. (Oh yeah, Japs are incredibly insular in some ways.)

Street Fighter IV is moving house, so to speak, to iPhone too. The link takes you to screenshots of eight available characters.

Kind of glad PlayStation didn’t do a Toyota this week. Not that they apologized in their press release properly. Just mentions the glitch was due to their clock thinking we had a 29th Feb this year.

Oh and Glico’s doing a series of wooden toys again. Only available with Glico Caramel packs.

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