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I first came across Amanita Design back when I checked out the Polyphonic Spree site in 2005. I remembered their design and played Samorost when it came out too. They’ve now come out with another brilliant game called Machinarium.

It’s the familiar point and click with an intriguing plot. The main character you get to play with, is cautious, yet admirably daring at times… which kind of makes you fall in love with him. Most of the puzzles are great. There were only two with which I had major problems with: 1)infinite possibilities moving boxes = too many minutes spent trying to figure it…to no avail; 2)pressed the green button way too early and somehow can’t seem to reset the puzzle… so start right from beginning, again.

Actually, only two problems out of a good few hours worth of gameplay is excellent. I got into it last night and now that I’m at the tail end of my adventure with my robot, I feel kind of sad.

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